Knowlton Library Restoration: June 2023

Work continues on organizing the juvenile nonfiction collection.
But there's still a lot to be done!
More damaged history files were found, so staff is working to see what we can save.
Staff area cabinets arrive.
Staff area cabinets are installed.
Public bathroom cabinets and sinks arrive.
Staff bathroom cabinet is installed.
Staff breakroom cabinets are installed.
Public bathroom sinks and cabinets are in process.
Construction of public restroom cabinets.
Plastic dust shields up over electric channel cutting in the floor for new outlets.
Cabinets are being installed in public restrooms
Toilets are being installed in public restrooms.
Shelving goes up in staff work areas.
Staff, making it work until we have offices again!
First new electrical outlet box goes into the floor.
Public restroom sinks are in!
Public bathroom toilets and urinal are installed.
Another cabinet and sinks go into public bathrooms.
Pulled carpeting waiting to be replaced.
Organizing and updating children's area continues.
Electrical conduit is laid in floor channels.
The conduit is in place!
The electrical conduit is buried.
Where things stood on June 28th.
Cement is poured and smoothed over new electrical conduit.
The new electrical connections are in place.

The progress continued in June on organizing the book collection, installing bathroom fixtures and cabinets, and laying new electrical outlets in the floor for our new layout. As you scroll through the images, pause your mouse over each picture to see the description.