Fines & Fees


You are responsible for all materials charged to your card, including fines and fees incurred for overdue, lost or damaged items.

NOTE: The Library is not charging late fees while the Knowlton Library is closed, however payment for replacement cost of lost or damaged items is still required.

The late fee for most items is $ .10 per day per item. The late fee for DVDs is $1.00 per day per item. The late fee for Hotspots is $5.00 per day up to $15.00. In order to check out items your fees and fines must be less than $10.00. Patrons 60 years or older are not required to pay late fees.


  • Velcro bag $5.00
  • Audiobook box $2.00
  • CD case $1.00
  • Cover art $.75
  • DVD cases $1.50
  • DVD multiple disc cases $2.00
  • Hotspot device $100.00
  • Hotspot charger $5.00
  • Hotspot cord $5.00
  • Entire Hotspot Kit $110.00

The Library is not responsible for damage on patron's equipment when borrowing public service materials.