Current Memorials & Donations

MEMORIALS for April 2024
Reuben Moody
GIVEN BY:            Deb Storm
BOOKS:                Bunny with a Big Heart by Marilyn Sadler
                              The Big Blue Book of Beginner Books by

FOR:                     Pete Zilles
GIVEN BY:           John & Miriam Knisely
BOOK:                 The Cat Encyclopedia: The Definitive Visual Guide
by DK Publishing

FOR:                     Pete Zilles
GIVEN BY:            Dena & Jerry Early
BOOKS:                Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw
                              Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep by Eric Barclay
                              Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep: Baaad Hair Day
by Eric Barclay
                              Construction Site:  Farming Strong, All Year Long
by Sherri Rinker and A.G. Ford

GIVEN BY:            Logan County Democratic Party
FOR:                     Pete Zilles
BOOKS:               Say More by Jen Psaki
                              An Unfinished Love Story by Doris Kearns Goodwin
                              Small Acts of Courage by Ali Velshi

GIVEN BY:            Allen Hadley
FOR:                     Pete Zilles
BOOK:                  Puppy Brain by Kerry Nichols

GIVEN BY:            Katie & Forrest Amidon
FOR:                     Pete Zilles
BOOKS:                Camino Ghosts by John Grisham
                              The 24th Hour by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro
                              Think Twice by Harlan Coben

GIVEN BY:            Jim King
FOR:                      Pete Zilles
BOOK:                  Wild New World  by Dan Flores

GIVEN BY:              Joe Smith
FOR:                       Pete Zilles
BOOK:                    H is for Hope: Climate Change from A to Z
by Elizabeth Kolbert  

GIVEN BY:              Florence & Kenneth Whisman
FOR:                       Pete Zilles
BOOK:                    Who’s a Good Dog? And How to be a Better Human
by Jessica Pierce

GIVEN BY:              Gary & Evonne Poeppelman
FOR:                       Pete Zilles
BOOK:                    Secrets of the Octopus  by Sy Montgomery

GIVEN BY:              Nancy & Harold Dowden
FOR:                        Pete Zilles
BOOK:                    The Hidden Language of Cats  by Sarah Brown

GIVEN BY:              Shirley Brodbelt
                                Tony & Kim Broshes
                                Emerson Brown
                                Kelli Gentis
                                Ronald & Suzanne Hess
                                 David & Linda Erwin-Hutchins
                                 Brenda Jenkins
                                 John & Kathy Keely
                                 Dean & Susan King
                                 Ohio Supreme Court
                                      Office of Civic Education Tour Guides
                                 Brian & Catherine Reed, David & Judith Reed
                                 Randolph & Diane Scott
                                 Janice L. Sherer, Nat & Angie Sherer, Rick &
                                      Allyson Hook
                                 Heiner & Susan Steffen
                                 Shari Stout
                                 Dona Tullis
                                 West Liberty Historical Society Executive Committee
FOR:                        Pete Zilles  

DONATIONS for April 2024
GIVEN BY:             
Theresa L Smith
BOOKS:                  Robert Shirk’s People by Theresa L. Smith

MEMORIALS for March 2024
Jeannine Rostorfer
GIVEN BY:               Ron & Joyce Rostorfer, Christina R. Viers,
                                 Atlas & Isla; James F. Rostorfer & Whitney Smith
BOOKS:                  Heart’s Shelter by Amy Clipston
                                The Museum of Lost Quilts by Jennifer Chiaverini
                                 Knitting Light by Marie Greene
                                 Joy of Yarn by Marie Greene
                                 Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing

FOR:                        Phyllis Stinson
GIVEN BY:               Logan County Philharmonic Music Club
BOOK:                     The Naturally Beautiful Garden by Kathryn Bradley-Hole

FOR:                        Betty Deardurff
GIVEN BY:               Logan County Philharmonic Music Club
BOOK:                     Family Crochet: Simple Crochet Projects

FOR:                        Clarence “Glenn” Gault
GIVEN BY:               Logan County Brain Injury Support Group
BOOKS:                  Faces of Combat: PTSD & TBI by Eric Newhouse
                                 Faces of Recovery by Eric Newhouse
                                 My Dad Got Hurt. What Can I Do?
                                      By National Academy
                                           of Neuropsychology Foundation

DONATIONS for March 2024
GIVEN BY:             
Dorothy Beehner
MAGAZINE:            Smithsonian, 2 subscriptions

MEMORIALS for December 2023
Ruth Noelle Clauser
GIVEN BY:               Gary & Marty Carmean
BOOKS:                   Fritzy Finds a Hat by Scott Hamilton
                                 Sleep Tight Farm by Eugenie Doyle
IN MEMORY OF:     Matt Brady
GIVEN BY:               Karen Hesson Brady
BOOKS:                  100 Bike Rides of a Lifetime by Roff Smith
                                 Epic Snow Adventures of the World by Lonely Planet Publishers
                                      Guardians of the Valley: John Muir and the Friendship that 
                                           Saved Yosemite
by Dean King
                                 How to Know a Person by David Brooks
                                 Marvel Year by Year, a Visual History by DK Publishers
                                 NightWatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe
by Terence Dickinson
                                 Rooted in Joy: Creating a Classroom Culture of Equity,
                                 Belonging, and Care
by Deonna Smith

DONATIONS for December 2023
GIVEN BY:              
Wendy Abdelnour
DVDs:                      Abracadabra Quilting: Hugs and Kisses Pattern
by Wendy Abdelnour
                                 Abracadabra Quilting: Family Circle Pattern
by Wendy Abdelnour
GIVEN BY:               Anonymous
BOOK:                     The Land of Milk & Money: Lessons Learned & Business
                                      Earned from Women in
Dairy by Abbe & Madeline Turner
GIVEN BY:                Ron Shaich,  Founder, Panera Bread
BOOK:                      Know What Matters by Ron Shaich
                                  Why We Love Baseball  by Joe Posnanski

MEMORIALS for November 2023
Bob Fillinger
GIVEN BY:               Rushsylvania Lions Club, for the Rushsylvania Branch
BOOKS:                   Unsung Eagles by Jay A. Stout
                                 Duke in His Own Words by Ethan Wayne

DONATIONS for November 2023
GIVEN BY:              
Wesley Bright
BOOK:                     Chicken Whisperer’s Guide to Zero-Waste Chicken Keeping
                                      by Andy G. Schneider
DVDs:                       Act of Valor
                                  Dead Man Rising

GIVEN BY:                Jay A. Schulberg
BOOK:                      Acts of Our Gentle God by Jay A. Schulberg