Parenting Resources

The library is an excellent place to find books, magazines and other materials on child rearing.  From health questions to child-safe games and activities, our library is full of ideas and information to help any parent. 

Did you know our FREE library cards open up a wide variety of entertaining and educational children’s books, magazines, audio books, movies, and music that you can borrow for FREE?

All of our friendly and knowledgeable librarians can help you find stories to excite all your children from reluctant readers to avid readers.  Whether you are going on a trip to the store or a trip around the world, our books on audio are a great way to keep boredom at bay.  And with so many family friendly movies to choose from, planning your next family movie night can be a snap!

The library also offers FREE programs year-round for children from 4 months old all the way to your teenagers.  And children with special needs are welcome!  We have training and experience with a wide variety of special requirements, so please let us know how we can best serve you.  For more information: call (937) 599-4189 or e-mail Youth Services.  


Everyone's world has been turned upside down by the current pandemic, especially a child's. Check out this list of free ebooks that address emotions, new routines, and information regarding COVID-19 from our friends at Greene County Public Library!

Concerned about online security? Try NetSmartz is an interactive, educational resource created by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC). It provides age-appropriate resources to help teach children how to be safer on and offline. The program is designed for children ages 5-17, parents and guardians, educators, and law enforcement. With resources such as videos, games, activity cards, and presentations, NetSmartz entertains while it educates all ages.

The State Library of Ohio, in collaboration with Ohio Ready to Read, is pleased to offer the Day By Day Ohio Family Literacy Calendar, and all the resources on the Day By Day Ohio website, to promote family literacy and family engagement across Ohio.

Just 15 Minutes Can Make a Difference!

Is your family a Read Aloud family yet? We hope you will make reading aloud to your child for at least 15 minutes every day part of your daily routine. We are a partner in a decade long campaign working to encourage every parent to read aloud to their child every day starting at birth. Why? Because reading aloud to your child is the single most important thing you can do to prepare your child for life long learning success. Our goal, with your help, is to have every child arrive at kindergarten ready to learn and to be prepared by third grade for the transition from learning to read to reading to learn. Find more tips & advice at