Knowlton Library Restoration: December 2022

Knowlton Library is closed until further notice for Restoration.
The Computer Lab and History Room were ground zero.
This was the Reference area, just outside the Computer Lab.
View from outside the computer lab
Inside the computer lab
Inside the history room
The entire Library is flooded.
Patron Services workroom is flooded.
Local History room mostly cleared.
Patron Services Desk after beginning cleanup with dehumidifier running above.
Computer Lab by December 30th: Cleanup had begun in earnest.
Computer Lab by December 30th: Cleanup is mostly done.
Local History Room by December 30: Cleanup in process
Dehumidifiers and dead computers.

On December 25, 2022 sub-zero temperatures caused fire supression pipes to burst, submerging the entire library building floor in stagnant water.

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