Knowlton Library Restoration: May 2023

Juvenile section unpacking and sorting is in process.
Adult Fiction section is unloaded onto the shelves. Sorting comes next.
Adult non-fiction section is unpacked. Note the checklist at the end of the shelves.
Returned books await fitting back into the collection.
Empty boxes piled higher and higher!
Sorting books in process.
Genre fiction being sorted first by genre, then by author.
Plumbing is run for a new coffee bar near the magazines!
The sorting process continues.
The long-awaited doors have come!
Beautiful new dark wood doors!
New security door.
We have doors! Now to get them installed...

After receiving 4000 boxes of largely unsorted books from the warehouse at the end of April, most of May was spent trying to sort, weed, and fit the books into the new library layout. Empty boxes and piles of books mid-process piled up as the work was undertaken by staff throughout the month. As you scroll through the images, pause your mouse over each picture to see the description.