Knowlton Library Restoration: July 2023

On July 10, the Knowlton Book Drop is opened.
First items are returned in the book drop.
The 24/7 Pickup Lockers are now available!
Old and damaged ethernet cables are being removed and replaced.
Wall repairs continue in the lobby.
Other wall repairs are being made throughout the Library.
Work on a new telephone system is begun.
New ethernet going in and staff making do.
Boxes of other libraries' Transit items are now freed from storage in the shipping container.
Transit items are being unpacked and prepared for return to their home libraries.
New copiers and printers arrive.
Old damaged copiers and printers are removed.
Work cart as old cable replacement continues.

In July, great progress was made on library infrastructure with the replacement of old and damaged ethernet cables with new more advanced ones. The Book Drop and 24/7 Pick-up Lockers opened, and the shipping container which held most of the items packed and stored just after the disaster was finally opened and work was begun on sorting and recovering needed items. As you scroll through the images, pause your mouse over each picture to see the description.