Knowlton Library Restoration: January 2023

Director's Office and all Staff Offices are packed up and stored.
Barnwell Board Room with all lower drywall removed.
Outreach Office packed up for storage.
Story Time Room packing has begun.
Packed books ready to go to ServPro warehouse.
Patron Services being packed and notice the dehumidifiers above.
Work proceeds in the main areas of the library.
Boxed Books and Media from AV and Teen areas
Disassembled shelves and furniture.
AV and Teen areas are nearly cleared.
Carpets have been removed, books boxed and shelves disassembled.
The main collection is safe at ServPro's climate controlled warehouse.
This is what is left of the staff lounge floor.
Staff hallway. Dehumidifiers are still running full blast.
Water-damaged display cases are removed.
The public restrooms are demolished.
Children's area is cleared and dehumidifiers are still running.
Caesar is supervising the work.
Caesar is on his way to his new post.
AV shelving is disassembled.
AV and Teen shelving are disassembled.
Clearing the main floor progresses.
Clearing the main floor continues.
Fiction section shelving comes down.
AV and Teen areas are nearly cleared.
Staff members take a look at the progress being made.
The Children's area is nearly cleared.
Adult fiction is nearly cleared.
Progress is being made in the Computer Lab and History Room.
This picture shows the drywall removed by the History Room.
Stacked shelf ends and the entry gate.
Caesar is on is way to the ServPro warehouse.
Caesar takes up his new post guarding the collection at ServPro's warehouse.
Transit staff set up temporary unpacking and packing stations in West Liberty.
Transit staff organized their temporary space to get holds to our patrons.
View of the empty Library - Children's through Adult Fiction areas.
Shelves are temporarily stored in the central area of the Library.
Work continues in the Computer Lab.
Lift in the computer lab to enable work in the ceiling.
Work continues above the Computer Lab and History Room.
More views of ceiling work.
Goodrich Community room
More views of Goodrich Community Room damage
Removal of bathroom fixtures.
Staff offices being packed up.
Staff lounge damaged cabinets are removed.
Extra insulation going into ceiling areas.
View of insulation going in
Extra insulation going into unexpected gaps
More work on insulation
Insulation again
Insulation again
Whew! All done with insulation!
New sprinkler heads
Looking good!

By the end of January, the building was dry, books removed to storage, and destroyed carpets, furniture, tile and drywall were removed. Click through the slideshow to see how it went. If you hover over any image, you can see a brief description.