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Teacher Services Available at Logan County Libraries

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Teacher Cards
In addition to a personal library card, any teacher in a public or private school, day care center, preschool or home school organization may register for a teacher card. Teacher cards are used to check out items for classroom use only.  A teacher card must be renewed annually. Items will have a four week loan period with renewals as long as items do not have holds. No overdue fines will be charged although payment is required for lost or damaged items.

Teacher Collections
Contact the library at least one week in advance, if possible, to request items for your classroom. You can pick them up at the library or we make weekly deliveries to any Logan County location. You can make requests by phone at (937) 599-4189, email or online.

Library Tours
The best way for students to learn what is available at the library is to see for themselves. We offer class tours of the library and demonstrate other resources such as eBooks, TumbleBooks, online catalog, Early Literacy Stations, a wide variety of research databases and many other resources. We can work with you in designing a tour suited for your class, age level and the research focus you may have in mind. For this service, please contact the library at least two weeks in advance to schedule a fun and informative tour.

Classroom Visits, Workshops & Resources
A librarian can visit your classroom to help teach students about libraries & reading in general, a specific digital resource, research tools or any provided service. Each workshop includes a consultation with the librarian, handouts and advanced library card registration.

Professional Development
Schedule a free workshop for teachers at your school for general introductions to the library’s online catalog, research databases, eBooks, digital magazines or any other topic or service. Each workshop includes a consultation with the librarian, handouts and advanced library card registration.

Reference Staff can put items on a research cart when you want to give an assignment in which the whole class must use a limited number of resources. We temporarily shelve them together in a display area for students to use in the library but not check out, so all students get a chance to use the materials. To take advantage of this service simply call or email the library.

Reading Lists
If you need students to read books from a selected list, we can help them find what they need. We can possibly purchase books on the list or borrow books from other libraries so you will have enough copies to accommodate your students. We can also generate booklists on the topic of your choice.

Reference Services
Reference librarians are available to answer questions in person, phone or email during library hours.

Ellison Die Cut Machine
The Library has several Ellison dies available at the library and even more that we can order for you.

Tutoring Space
Two study rooms are available by reservation to meet with your students.